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DOAEZ Bird's Nest Cushion Blush 燕窝精萃气垫腮红 (12g)

DOAEZ Bird's Nest Cushion Blush 燕窝精萃气垫腮红 (12g)
Brand: DOAEZ
Product Code: DOAEZ Bird's Nest Cushion Blush 燕窝精萃气垫腮红 (12g)
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Price: RM88.00 RM68.00

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3 or more RM56.00
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DOAEZ Bird's Nest Cushion Blush 燕窝精萃气垫腮红 (12g)

1 box RM68
2 boxes RM122
3 boxes RM168
Two color to choose, pls remark when place order
1. Peach Orange
2. Pink
Skin partial yellow recommended choice of peach orange,
Skin white casually elected haha...
Efficacy description:
The use of nano air cushion technology, light texture Futie, thin natural color, shiny and colorful. Add photosensitive color particles, can adjust the facial skin red, while shaping the three-dimensional contours of the face, cheeks ruddy instant bright, charming makeup blooming elegant lasting color. Easy to color, even beginners can easily manage

Apply blush with puff dip, gently smear on the two zygomatic place, can use sensitive skin tone and collocation, please be careful

Water, cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 two polydimethylsiloxane, poly ISO -2 two glycerol stearate, cubilose extract, sorbitan oleate, silica, two polydimethylsiloxane, poly two methyl siloxane cross-linked polymer, octyl methyl siloxane ring five, two polydimethylsiloxane, poly two ethyl silicone, hydrogenated cyclopentadiene, phenyl propyl poly three methyl siloxane, ISO twelve alkyl, honey extract, magnesium stearate, glycerol, propylene glycol, Magnesium Sulfate, C177891C177491C177492C177499

1. 蜜桃橘  
2. 梦幻粉


水、鲸蜡基PEG/PPG-10/1 聚二甲基硅氧烷、聚甘油-2 二异硬酯酸酯、燕窝提取物、山梨坦油酸酯、硅石、聚二甲基硅氧烷、聚二甲基硅氧烷交联聚合物、辛基聚甲基硅氧烷、环五聚二甲基硅氧烷、聚二乙基硅氧烷、氢化聚环戊二烯、苯基丙基聚三甲基硅氧烷、异十二烷、蜂蜜提取物、硬脂酸镁、甘油、丙二醇、硫酸镁、C177891\C177491\C177492\C177499



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