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ZOWIN DOUBLE HEAD TOOTHBRUSH - rate for 12 pcs / 1 doz

ZOWIN DOUBLE HEAD TOOTHBRUSH - rate for 12 pcs / 1 doz
ZOWIN DOUBLE HEAD TOOTHBRUSH - rate for 12 pcs / 1 doz ZOWIN DOUBLE HEAD TOOTHBRUSH - rate for 12 pcs / 1 doz
Product Code: FIN-ZOWIN DOUBLE HEAD TOOTHBRUSH - rate for 12 pcs / 1 doz
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** please note, toothbrush no "box" packaging.




ZOWIN 獨特創新的設計,在馬來西亞、美國、瑞士獲得國際最高榮譽金牌



Kesan Pembersihan Gigi Maksimum dengan ZOWIN

Penyakit berkaitan kebersihan mulut memang serius kerana menurut kajian, banyak penyakit berpunca daripada mulut. Gigi yang sihat bukan hanya perlu diberus setiap hari tetapi cara memberus yang betul juga mustahak.

  • Berus gigi ZOWIN yang dipasarkan oleh CNI mempunyai reka bentk unik yang berkonsepkan "Pemberusan Atas-Bawah" bagi menepati saranan doktor gigi.
  • Reka bentuknya juga memastikan gigi dapat diberus secara menyeluruh.
  • Kepala berus gigi Zowin boleh diputar 60 darjah bagi memudahkan pemberusan dan kebersihan yang maksimum. Sistem "putar dan kunci" Zowin membolehkan berus gigi ini membersihkan kawasan gigi yang sukar dicapai oleh berus gigi biasa.


Zowin’s toothbrush design has won numerous international recognition including the USA Gold Award for Hygiene.

  • Designed to accommodate the up-down brushing technique which will lead to better dental hygiene
  • Convenienet, safer and more effective to use for the unreachable part of the teeth
  • This innovative toothbrush is the winner of the top internationl awards such as a gold awards from Malaysia, the United States of America and Switzerland silver award from Switzerland and bronze awards from Germany and Belgium
  • 2 in 1



No, it's not a new-fangled boomerang with fuzzy ends. It's my toothbrush, silly!

Friends of mine who have been on trips with me or stayed at my house may have noticed before this fantastic contraption on my bathroom sink counter. It's called the Zowin Double-head toothbrush. Don't laugh... it may look like something out of "Aliens" but it's won several international awards for innovation.

Was introduced to it 8 years ago and I've not gone back to normal toothbrushes since. It cleans even those hard-to-reach areas effortlessly. My dentist was amazed that I had not had a check-up in 8 years and yet my teeth were hardly stained.

My family usually orders in bulk and I get my stock from them but it's unfortunate that they're seldom sold in conventional retail outlets. I just hope they'll stay in production for as long as I have my set of teeth.

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