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Vjoli Belle Woman Drink VjoliBelle 完美女人天然卵巢保养 (20 sachets/box)

Vjoli Belle Woman Drink VjoliBelle 完美女人天然卵巢保养 (20 sachets/box)
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Product Code: Vjoli Belle Woman Drink (20 sachets/box)
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Vjoli Belle Woman Drink VjoliBelle 完美女人天然卵巢保养 (20 sachets/box)


1 box RM180

3 boxes RM450
​6 boxes RM850



A gift to women for her inner rejuvenation.

Vjoli Belle for ovary care

Vjoli Belle help to restore hormonal and emotional balance and overall vitality to women during any stage of their life.

Vjoli Belle The perfect women major effect:-

• Regulate menstrual circle and balance hormones.

• Alleviate menstrual cramp and leukorrhea ( vaginal discharge)

• Improves Endocrine and reproductive circulatory health

• Improves sexual desires.

• Eliminate vaginal odor.

• Enhance breast firmness.

• Prevent cervical cancer.

• Delay menopause.

• Relief of common menopausal symptoms.

• Improve sleep quality and duration.

• Improves symptom of hysteroptosis after to child birth.   

Vjoli Belle 100% 天然卵巢保养产品 


Vjoli Belle 是联合中药配合马来宫廷秘方~女人内在调理的救星,卵巢保养~

多种植物雌激素活性成份能改善女性生理期间造成的种种妇女疾病,有如白带、经痛、经期不准、延缓衰老、性冷感、不孕症、促进胸部结实、子宫收缩及促进夫妻生活更美满有"如新婚之夜 "......


主要成份 :Kacip Fatima, 珍贵野葛根, 蔓加卡里,有机大豆软磷脂,Cynanchum Wilfordii白首乌, Phlomis Umbrosa 糙苏, and Angelica Gigas Nakai朝鲜当归

Main Functions主要功效:

1) Support a healthy female reproductive system 呵护女性生殖系统健康:

• Prevent vaginal infections 防治阴道炎

• Cleanse and avoid painful or difficult menstruation 清宫排毒、温宫暖巢

• Reduce excessive vaginal discharge 改善白带过多问题

• Remove unpleasant odour and itching in the intimate area 消除私处异味和缓解瘙痒

• Restore elasticity of uterine wall after childbirth 恢复产后妇女的子宫壁弹性

• Prevent uterine prolapse 预防子宫脱垂

2) Improve women’s hormonal health 调节女性荷尔蒙:

• Balance female hormones 平衡雌激素

• Regulate menstrual cycle 调整经期

• Alleviate menopausal symptoms 缓解更年期症状

• Promote emotional well-being 改善情绪

3) Strengthen the intimacy in a relationship 增进爱情与性福感:

• Tighten and lubricate the inner vaginal walls 紧实和润滑阴道

• Boost libido 提升性欲

• Prevent vaginal aging 预防阴道老化

4) Rejuvenation 维持与恢复青春:

• Maintain firm and youthful skin 维持柔嫩靓丽的肌肤

• Prevent aging skin and reduce wrinkles 预防肌肤老化和减少皱纹

• Enhance vitality 提高机体活力

• Support lustrous hair and beautiful nails 促进秀发光泽和指甲美丽

5) Breast enhancement 丰胸:

• Achieve fuller and firmer breasts 促进胸部丰满和坚挺度

• Prevent sagging breasts 预防胸部下垂

8g x 20sachets / box

























































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