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TurBo-S Mongosteen + B&H 360 + TuTu (3 items/Set)

TurBo-S Mongosteen + B&H 360 + TuTu (3 items/Set)
Brand: Imono
Product Code: TurBo-S Mongosteen + B&H 360 + TuTu (3 items/Set)
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TurBo-S Mongosteen + B&H 360 + TuTu (3 items/Set)

TurBo-S Mongosteen (20 packets/box)

Some people eat a lot but no fat, it is their metabolism quickly!

Why yourself eat less but still become fat, in fact, is own metabolism slows down

So don't be envious anymore. There is a magic weapon here - TurBo-S Mongosteen.

Serving suggestion: Mix one packet with 150ml of water. Consume one packet per day after lunch.

Net weight: 20 packets x 12g

Formula of USA

Ingredients: Oligosacharide, Maltodextrin, Psyllium Husk, Mangosteen Powder, Sweet Potato Powder, Guar Gum, Cassia Anggustifolia, Cltric Acid, Stevia





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360 LH B&H non-toxic, iMono 無毒 360 排毒药丸 (40 capsule/box)

Traditional Chinese Medicine states that hundreds of thousands of toxins are accumulated inside the human body. Body detoxificition is essential step in restoring health and vitality.  People nowaday expose to “toxin-cocktail” made up of industrial chemicals, pesticides, food additives, heavy metals, etc. Internal toxicity is directly related to immune dysfunction.The small and large intestines are actually part of the immune system. Clinical studies showed that the intestinal mucosa and some of its sub-mucosal structures constitute the largest immunological system in the body. One of the body’s natural means of staying healthy is able to detoxify. Many of the harmful substances we absorb are physiologically rendered harmless and expelled from the body.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University acknowledge B&H360 as safety and qualified detoxificationproducts. Product manufacture and tested according to international Good Manufacturing Practice and Societe Generale de Surveillance.

Effective Detoxification for Unpreventable Toxin:
[B&H360] according to the theory Detox, toxin excretion,detoxification and body regulation effect of maintaining healthy.

1. Clears the detoxification channels such as liver, sweat gland, urethra and intestinal.
2. Decomposes toxin and detoxify naturally reduce the toxins on the human body and improve the body’s detoxification and detoxification.
3. Replenishes and maintains health balance which will increase body immune system.


How does [B&H 360] works?
[B&H 360] uses Chinese medicine compound prescription includes ingredients like Radix Panax Quinquefolii, Atractylodes macrocephala and Rubia Yunnanensis Diels, help excretes toxin, promote blood circulation, replenish, nourish and increase body function at the same time.

Cynanchum Otophyllum Schneid :  A unique type of Ginseng found only in Yunnan, China For Detoxification, kidney,

Radix Panax :  Imported from America, reduces the ‘heat’ in the body

Rubia Yunnanensis Diels :  Common use after menstruation From Japan effective in enriching blood and excretes toxin

Suggestion Dosage:
Detoxification Dosage : 2 capsules, 2 times daily

Health Preservation Dosage : 1-2 capsules daily

Detox slimming therapy :
Those suffer in toxin obesity cause of vivotoxin and accumulate fat easily.Therefore detoxification diet is very important and detox slimming program is encourage.





青杨参: 产于云南省云贵高原,年产两次,产量稀少。用于解毒、补肾、消除痛风等。
西洋参: 产于美国,适用于补肺降火、补气生津。



TuTu 360 Ultra Weight Loss Shake Meal Replacement 瘦身纤体 柠檬代餐 (20 packets/box)

Do you facing hard time when sliming by consume slimming product?

Do you scare side effect of the slimming product?

Tutu360 and BH360 are natural slimming product with quality guarantee, GMP, Hong Kong Super Brand.

- No thirsty

- No insomnia

- Slimming with healthy

Serving suggestion: Mix one(1) packet with 150ml of water. Consume 1 packet per day before meal.

Flavor: Lemon

Net weight: 20 packets*12g

Our #tutu360 lemon-flavored, refreshing and tasty. You can be slimmer and healthier by just doing one simple job.. DRINK!!

4 Main effect of Tutu360


-Weight loss



Natural ingredients of Tutu360:

*Citric柠檬酸:-Decrease body consumption of fat & calorie.

*Hawthorn Jam山楂果酱:-Clearing fat and speeding up the waste in the body.

*Oat fiber dietary燕麦纤维:- Help decrease hunger, stimulate bowel movement.

*Stevia 甜叶菊:-Eliminate fat.

*Cassia seed决明子:-Help restrain fat formation.

*Guar gum瓜尔豆胶:-Perceived satiety.

Tutu 360 Ultra Weight Loss Shake 让你健康瘦身 打招完美身材。 

主要原料 : 柠檬酸, 山楂果酱, 燕麦纤维, 决明子

保健功能 : 排毒, 饱腹, 抑蕴制脂肪合成, 肌肤美白

适宜人群 : 胖, 还是胖, 胖到找不到对象的人, 胖到被投诉的人

不适人群 : 痩子, 还未适合恋爱年龄的人(儿童), 孕妇及哺乳期妇女

食用方法 : 冷水中或温水冲泡即可, 可替代晚餐或午餐(如果还是饿就喝2包), 再喝大量的水

口味 : 柠檬

产品规格 : 12g/袋

保质期 : 24个月

蕴藏方法 : 避免干燥和阳光

注意事项 : 本产品不能代替药物。




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