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Reve Stem Cell Rejuvenation Mask 干细胞弹力活性面膜 (50g)

Reve Stem Cell Rejuvenation Mask 干细胞弹力活性面膜 (50g)
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Product Code: Reve Stem Cell Rejuvenation Mask 干细胞弹力活性面膜 (50g)
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Reve Stem Cell Rejuvenation Mask 干细胞弹力活性面膜 (50g)
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The secret of youth~

☆Argan mask made from Switzerland~

All in one bottle of 50g...

Helps to activate the production of COLLAGEN ,SKIN ELASTIN!!!

Unlock the secret of youth~

Rich in vitaminC...Collagen peptide , Phytocelltec argan
Gives firming, lifting on your skin whitening , pore refining , reduce wrinkle, improves skin elastin smoothness~



** Directly applied to the face after washing (recommend applied in the lower eyelids)

** Then wait 15 minutes, do not directly washed away Oh!

** Put some warm water to warm your hand, then gently massage the mask until dissolved, then just wash the face.

** After you can put a firming lotion and moisturising cream.

** Done 1-2 times per week is recommended.

☆Switzerland products


Unlock the SECRET of Youth

Reduce edema

Rejuvenate dermal skin cells (Activates the production of collagen and elastin)

Reduce wrinkles, fine lines

Firming, lifting effects

Whitening, improves skin radiance

Pore refining


Apply(5g-8g)REVE Stem Cell Rejuvenation Mask on dry clean face, cleanse with warm water after 15 minutes. Suggest to use once a week.


PhytoCellTec™ Argan Stem Cell

PhytoCellTec™ Argan was developed to improve the regenerative capacity of dermal skin cells hence achieving deep-seated rejuvenation of the skin. PhytoCellTec™ Argan is a powder based on stem cells of the Argan tree, one of the oldest tree species in the world. 


Hydrolysed Collagen Peptide

Collagen peptide is produced by extracting collagen from fish scales and using bio-enzymatic hydrolysis technology to produce small molecular size for easier absorption. Collagen peptide protects the skin from aging, increases elasticity, hydrates and reduces wrinkles and fine lines for a more youthful appearance 


Epidermal Growth Factor

EGF is an effective way to promote expedited tissue growth and is the perfect complement to ex-foliating processes. EGF thwarts ROS (reactive oxygen species), promotes cellular vitality, reduces wrinkles depth, promotes and inhibits specific enzymatic processes.


Seaweed Extract

Seaweed is packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are essential in maintaining healthy and youthful skincare. Seaweed will draw out any access fluid, dead cells and toxins that are preventing the real you from shining through. As an added benefit, getting rid of all of those toxins will make your skin smoother. Seaweed contains essential fatty acids that don’t just infuse your skin with moisture, but also prevent your skin from losing it.


Vitamin C


Vitamin C helps produce collagen in the skin; collagen is what makes our skin look young and keeps our skin from forming wrinkles. Vitamin C also helps diminish age and sun spots. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which attacks free radicals in the skin that causes premature aging.



















































Reve Stem Cell Argan Rejuvenation Mask 干细胞弹力活性面膜



15分钟还你 白。透。亮。弹 美肌, 

全在一瓶♛Reve 干细胞弹力活性面膜♛


Swisscorr Argan Mask 


【干细胞再生活性面膜 】


1.PhytoCellTec™ Argan 摩洛哥坚果干细胞

PhytoCellTec™ Argan 摩洛哥坚果干细胞可提升皮肤真皮干细胞的再生能力,从而实现「深层焕肤」的功效。根据瑞士专家的实验,证实PhytoCellTec™ Argan 摩洛哥坚果干细胞可以:

· 第一款能同时保护和活化人体真皮干细胞的活性成份(胶原蛋白 弹力纤维)

· 明显提升真皮组织的密度

· 减少皱纹的深度26%。

2. 胶原蛋白肽


3. EGF表皮细胞生长因子

EGF 表皮细胞生长因子是人体内的一种活性物质,由53个氨基组成的活细胞,藉由刺激表皮细胞生长因子受体之酪氨酸磷酸化,达到修补增生肌肤表层细胞,其最大特点是能够促进细胞的增殖分化,从而以新生的细胞代替衰老和死亡的细胞。

4. 海藻


5. 维生素C



开启细胞 美容新革命!

只需15分钟,马上感觉到脸小了【 V 脸 离我不远 】肤色也红润了,皮肤紧实又亮白!



●重要的是它是0汞0铅 0重金属,每一瓶都经得起检测,Swisscorr Reve Argan Mask 定格你的青春。


** 洗好脸后 直接涂这个干细胞弹力活性面膜(建议可以涂在眼袋部位)
** 然后等待15分钟, 不要直接冲洗掉 喔!
** 放点温水在手上,然后轻轻按摩直到面膜溶解为止,再冲水。
** 过后就可以放紧肤水和滋润霜了。
** 建议每星期做1-2次。


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