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Package Swisscorr EasyFit and SoFit Slimming, Beauty and Detoxification

Package Swisscorr EasyFit and SoFit Slimming, Beauty and Detoxification
Product Code: Package Swisscorr EasyFit and SoFit
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Package Swisscorr EasyFit and SoFit Slimming, Beauty and Detoxification


* Package A - RM268

1. Swisscorr EasyFit (1 box/7 patches) x 1 box

2. Swisscorr SoFit (1 box/15 sachets) x 1 box


**  Package B - RM550

1. Swisscorr EasyFit (1 box/7 patches) x 4 boxes

2. Swisscorr SoFit (1 box/15 sachets) x 2 boxes


* ** Package C - RM1460

1. Swisscorr EasyFit (1 box/7 patches) x 12 boxes

2. Swisscorr SoFit (1 box/15 sachets) x 6 boxes

SoFit Slimming, Beauty and Detoxification 瘦身 排毒 美颜 蓝莓奶昔 (15 sachets/box)

SoFit KKM :190917/09/072 SWISSCORR SOFIT 



Delicately Balanced for Slimming, Beauty and Detoxification. SoFit helps improve body metabolism and support healthy weight loss. SoFit is formulated with Fibersol®-2 , inulin helps to relieve occasional constipation and select studies show that it improves stool consistency. SoFit also helps retain moisture from the liquids you drink. Frequent use helps avoid dry-looking, brittle or flaky skin.


• Burn Fat

• Increase Body Metabolism

• Reduce absorption of carbohydrate

• Reduce absorption of fats

• Reduce body fats

• Improve bowel movements

• Suppress appetite

• Increase intestinal bacteria

• Anti- oxidant

• Skin whitening

• Reduce liver toxins

• Improve skin smoothness and radiant

• Improve skin elasticity



L-carnitine , Raspberry Ketone, HCA, Hyaluronic Acid, Glutathione, Inulin, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), Fibersol 2, Polydextrose, Mix-berries juice powder,



Mix 1 sachet with a glass of 200ml water. Shake well before drink. Consume half hour before lunch or before dinner.


So Fit给您全方位 Fit 得美

SoFit是一款结合 【瘦身, 排毒, 美颜 】的全方位保养配方。酸酸甜甜的蓝莓奶昔口感更是让人非常喜欢。只须短短的15天, 打造一个Fit Fit的你!


✅ 燃烧脂肪

✅ 提高新陈代谢

✅ 减少糖分吸收

✅ 减少油脂吸收

✅ 减少皮下脂肪 , 内脂肪

✅ 增强肠道蠕动

✅ 增加饱足感

✅ 促进肠道产生益菌

✅ 抗氧化

✅ 美白,去斑

✅ 净化肝脏毒素

✅ 保湿补水

✅ 使皮肤滋润光滑、柔软

✅ 增加皮肤弹性



饭前 (午餐/ 晚餐)30分钟冲泡一杯SoFit, 饮用前摇均匀。用冷水冲泡味道更佳。



1盒 15包。每天饮用1/2包或1包。




Easy Fit transdermal patches offer a unique technology delivered in a sleek dermal delivery system designed for effective application and flexible use. Unlike antiquated patches, Easy Fit slimming patches rely on a unique technology that allows active ingredients to be sealed in our time release adhesive matrix allowing for comfortable all day use. Upon application, Easy Fit patches rely on body heat to activate the adhesive matrix and allow for a gradual and steady dispersion of ingredients. 


Advantages of  EASY FIT:

 Increase body metabolism

 Burn Fat

 Reduce Appetite


 Reduce cholesterol level 

 Reduce absorption of carbohydrates & sugars

 Powerful anti-oxidants

 100% Natural Plant Ingredients



• No exercise 

• 24 Hour releasing slimming actives

• No allergy

• Medical grade patch


Patch area:

• Forearm / Back Shoulder / Inner wrist ( either one part)

• Replace a new patch every 24 hours. 


Expected results :

1- 7 days : Suppress appetite , increase of detoxification effect ( urineation / defecation), speed up body metabolism process.


8 – 15 days : Begin body reshaping effect



Easy Fit (7pcs / kotak)

Kursus Slimming dalam tempoh 30 hari.. 


✔️ Membakar lemak

✔️ Mempertingkatkan Metabolisme 

✔️ Mengurangkan Selera Makan 

✔️ Mengurangkan Kolesterol

✔️ Mengurangkan penyerapan badan karbohidrat dan gula


▶️ Tidak perlu diet

▶️ tidak perlu bersenam

▶️ 24 jam pelepasan Slimming Factor

▶️ Patch Gred dalam Perubatan


1 hingga 7 hari mengurangkan selera makan , detoksifikasi ( membuang air kecil, air besar ) , mempercepatkan metabolisme.. 


8 hingga 15 hari berat badan mula berubah. 


30 hari - slim secara sihat dan memuaskan. 


Cara Melekat :

Menampalkan Easy Fit pada lenggan,  pergelangan tangan (dalam), belakang badan (belakang bahagian bahu)..

PS: Tekan2 selepas menampal supaya lebih melekat.. 



1.Body temperature & Body activities

Higher body temperature and more body activities will improve the absorption of EASYFIT ingredients. Resulting better slimming effect. We suggest our customers to patch EasyFit in the morning after warm shower.We do not suggest customers to patch during night sleeping time as our body in static mode, 

blood circulation slower and absorption rate low.

2.Consumption of Water
EASYFIT ingredients aborb through blood vessels and circulate through blood flow, by drinking
plenty of water makes the ingredients flow smoothly throughout whole body and execute the best effect.
Daily water consumption = Body weight x 4%

Easy Fit 获得马来西亚卫生局合格注册 NOT151000986K,大家可以放心享“瘦”了.



贴贴EASY FIT 就瘦 轻松享受好身材

五种人群贴贴EASY FIT 就瘦



第4 代美国EasyFit 升级版溶脂贴

- 材质升级,采用polyester医学贴片,成分渗透率99.9%

- 瘦身有效成分升级,褐藻、红石榴、绿茶提取物、毛喉素

- 贴片尺寸从原本的3cm X 3cm ,升级到 4.7cm X 4.7cm

- 自动调节体温,在贴了第四代美国EasyFit后,体温会自动调节到正常体温,有利于成分吸收。


- 适合甲状腺疾病患者使用

















每天冲了温水澡后贴。每片贴8-12小时/ 直到贴片成分完全吸收自动脱落。

手臂外侧/ 手脉/ 背部


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