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Omyu 8 Cups of Water Vitamin C Original Fluid - Removes Black Spots (30ml)

Omyu 8 Cups of Water Vitamin C Original Fluid - Removes Black Spots (30ml)
Brand: REVE
Product Code: Omyu Vitamin C Original Fluid Removes Black Spots
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8 cups of water Pure Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C  - 
Moisturize Nourish, Acne Spot Removing, Help Collagen Renew, Moist

Vitamin C Original Fluid 
9 times more effective in reduce face melanin and remove face black pigments.
water base, not oily.

Vitamin C Original Fluid. Removes black spots.

Serum menghilangkan flek hitam di wajah yang paling effective!!

1 bottle can use 6 to 8 weeks, 2 to 4 weeks can see the results.

Dibuat daripada pure vitaminc, halal dan semulajadi.

Apply on face after cleanser, 1 hari 2 kali, pagi & malam.


Product description : vitamin vc whitening solution 

Pure Hyaluronic Acid Extraction
Series 8 cups of water use hyaluronic acid can saturate to the cell interior, help cutin cell deep supplement moisture. In the skin surface formation hydrates lock water shield constantly active grabthe air 8 times more moisture, make skincontinuous water embellish.
Acne Treatment,Anti-Aging,Moisturizing,Oil-control,Whitening

Capacity: 30 ml

Ingredient: Natural herba extract

appearance: liquid

Advantage: intensive hydrating

Main Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid +Aloe extract + deionized water + cactus extract

Fit skin type: All
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