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NP45 Cell Food Energy by Mugatti 干细胞能量活颜复美饮 (package: 2 boxes)

NP45 Cell Food Energy by Mugatti 干细胞能量活颜复美饮 (package: 2 boxes)
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Product Code: NP45 Cell Food Energy by Mugatti 干细胞能量活颜复美饮 (36 sachets/box)
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NP45 Cell Food Energy by Mugatti 干细胞能量活颜复美饮 (36 sachets/box) 

1 box for 18 days care


Np45CellFoodEnergy_I-Gen Ultra Care+  
Full Spectrum Antioxidant Food Supplement
抗衰老九大功效 Nine anti-aging effects
1. 美白 Whitening
2. 抗敏感 Anti-sensitive
3. 去皱 Anti-wrinkle
4. 护肝 Protect liver
5. 强化记力 Strengthen the memory
6. 护眼 Eye protection
7. 体内调理 Internal conditioning
8. 去斑 Anti-freckle
9. 保湿 Moisturizing
皮肤医学界重大发现 Major discoveries in the dermatology industry
Ceramide神经醯胺 : 皮肤过敏以及抗老化的救星
Ceramide: Skin allergy and anti-aging savior. Ceramide is an important signal transduction factor in the process of cell growth, differentiation and aging, and it has a certain therapeutic effect on various skin diseases. Its moisturizing effect is 16 times more than hyaluronic acid.
I-Gen 345: 3个领域 3 fields
超强保湿 Super moisturizing
胶原蛋白的60倍 60 times more collagen
玻尿酸的 16倍16 times more hyaluronic acid
NP45 contains a super-locking factor, which forms a film in the stratum corneum and becomes a protective layer of the skin. At the same time, it can lock in moisture to prevent evaporation of water and maintain skin water content.
4大超强抗氧化成份组合  4 large super antioxidant combination
1. 天然抗氧化水果组合 Natural antioxidant fruit combination
黑莓、蓝莓、覆盆子、接骨木莓、西梅、蔓越莓、红石榴、李子果组合。含有大量的维生素,对于身体细胞有很强的抗老化效果,能强化细胞,来对抗坏细胞,对于抗癌有一定的改善作用。Blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, elderberry, prunes, cranberry, red pomegranate, plum fruit combination. Contains a large amount of vitamins, has a strong anti-aging effect on the body cells, can strengthen cells, fight against bad cells, and has a certain improvement effect on anti-cancer
2. 微量元素组合 Trace elements combination
里面有丰富的维他命C 、胡萝卜素、核黄素,针对人体每天细胞所需的营养进行补充,让细胞恢复原有能量。
It is rich in vitamin C, carotene and riboflavin, which replenish the nutrients needed by the human body every day to restore the original energy.
3. 神经醯胺 Ceramide
Moisture skin, anti-sensitive, anti-aging savior. Ceramide is a protective layer on our skin and has a very important protective effect on the skin. Prevents bacteria invasion and achieves super moisturizing effect.
4. 花青素组合 Anthocyanin combination.
Anthocyanins are powerful anti-anthocyanin-containing fruit oxidants that protect the body from harmful substances called free radicals.
强肝护眼 Strengthen liver function and eye protection
美白保湿 Whitening and moisturizing
抵抗过敏 Anti allergy
抗老修复 Anti-aging repair
去斑去皱 Anti- wrinkle and anti-freckle
1.补充能量Replenish energy
The human body is made up of trillions of cells. Each cell has an energy-generating system. Under normal circumstances, the cells will undergo growth, division and metabolism to maintain the body's functions. In the process, we need to supplement a lot of nutrition to make these functions work. Among them, amino acids and various proteins are one of the most important elements of the body. 
Through I-Gen Technology supplements energy and stimulates it, which our body cells recover from a weak state.
2. 细胞修复 Cell repair
The principle of I-Gen technology follows the principle of cell-based therapy and directly supplements the elements already contained in the cells. Let the cells maintain their optimal state of life to ensure their proper functioning and self-healing.
3.自体生成 Self-regeneratiion
I-Gen provides rich and natural vitamins C, lysine and proline based on the natural production of cellular peptides in the body, which promotes the body's transformation of collagen. It can improve our body's problems, such as restoring youth and elasticity, improving joint problems, promoting deep sleep, and so on.
4大科技 Major Technology
高纯度提炼技术 (10:1の比率抽出テクノロジー )10:1的萃取比例
原产品 =》 冷风干 = 》萃取 1 =》检测
High purity refining technology
10:1 extraction ratio
Original product = "cold air dry = "extraction 1 = "detection
原产品 = 》-180度低温萃取 =》 萃取 1
Low temperature and high pressure extraction
Original product = "--180 degree low temperature extraction =" extraction 1
原产品 =》 萃取 1 =》 纳米萃取
Multiple nanotechnology
Original product = " Extraction 1 = " Nano Extraction
原料萃取成品 =》 分装保鲜技术 =》确保产品功效
VC preservation technology
Raw material extraction finished product = "packaging preservation technology =" to ensure product efficacy
5大超强细胞疗法5 super strong cell therapies
修复皮肤问题 Repair skin problems
Skin allergies, aging, sagging, acne skin, dullness, eczema, dryness, uneven pigmentation, etc.
提升免疫能力 Improve immunity
Promote liver function, enhance body's ability to resist sensitivity, strengthen cells self-regeneration, and improve immune cell resistance.
体内激素平衡 Hormone balance
Reduce fatigue, improve insomnia, promote mental concentration, and improve anxiety symptoms
促进新陈代谢 Stimulate metabolism
Improve gastrointestinal digestibility, promote skin cells metabolism, strengthen physical function, reduce hair loss, and promote perspiration.
减少体内自由基Reduce free radicals in the body.


Promote the growth of T cells in the body, eliminate free radicals in the body, and reduce the incidence of cancer cells.

Ingredients: Collagen (Fish), Vitamin C, Grapeseed, Mixed Fruit Powder (Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Elderberry, Cranberry, Plum berry), Ribotlavin, Seaweed extract, Pomegranate extract, Prune extract, Clitoria ternatea, Yeast Ceramide.
No artifical colourings, flavorings, preservatives, Free from gluten, dairy and nuts.

Serving suggestion:
Mix both of 2 sticks (4cell booster & 5Whitening Collagen) with 120ml water and consume immediately. Best before meal.

Storage: Store tightly in a cold and dry place
Away from heat and light sources


 I-Gen 345 

玻尿酸的 16倍
来自加拿大皮肤专科 医生Dr.Richard Thomas, BC. 
来自马来西亚医务药剂师▪Vivian Ng 
#Ceramide神经醯胺 营养是主抗皮肤过敏以及抗老化的救星 
Ceramide 营养能提供超强保湿 ‖ 防护 ‖ 抗敏 ‖ 修复 ‖ #胶原蛋白60倍 ‖ #玻尿酸16倍 ‖ 而不反弹 ‖ #1小时内全面被吸收 ‖ #肽元素以及花青素 #雀斑,#黄褐斑,#黑斑,#蝴蝶斑 想要用最简单最有效果的方式来改善它的话, #非NP45莫属 



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