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Micaree OT Whitening Cream Xmegami 养白霜 (120g)

Micaree OT Whitening Cream Xmegami 养白霜 (120g)
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Product Code: Micaree OT Whitening Cream Xmegami 养白霜 (120g)
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Micaree OT Cream contains a variety of moisturizing essences of plants, forming a breathable water-locking film on the skin surface to nourish the skin and the skin friendly texture closely adheres to the skin, fills the uneven rough skin, smoothers the uneven pores, and easily hides the pores and flaws. Effectively protect your skin from pollution and various environmental insults, promotes smooth and delicate skin, create a long-lasting shining and nude makeup.


Improve Your Skin Dullness And Brightening Conditions Internally And Externally


An all in one solution for you, easy & convenient


Confident and charming, all day and all time


Efficacy Analysis :

-All time nourished and moisturized

-Efficient Hydrating


-Non greasy



-Sunsreen SPF 20


What OT Cream can do for you?

- Skin dullness

- Rough skin

- Wrinkles

- Acne Blemish 

- Rough pores

- Dryness 

- Damaged skin 


- Fine Lines


Containing titanium dioxide processed by South Korea imported skin-friendly technology, the powder is fine and delicate, and it is light and thin. It has the effect of isolating ultraviolet rays on the skin and instantly brightening the complexion of skin color and invisible pores.


Specially added patent moisturizing ingredients - Lin Lan Run Lu, Tocopherol Acetate, Panthenol, etc. to moisturize the skin, and firmly lock the skin moisture, while helping the skin resist oxidation.


Using Ophiopogon japonicus extract, Twisted Cactus stem extract, Sophora flavescens extract, and Bisabolol (Imported from Germany), etc., guided by the traditional Chinese medicine "Jun Chen Zuo Shi" group, it can significantly reduce skin sensitivity and make skin presents natural moisture and bright complexion.


一抹提亮  养白美肌


Micaree OT Cream含多种植物保湿精粹,在肌肤表层形成透气锁水膜,滋润养肤;亲肤质地紧密贴合皮肤,填补肌肤不平,抹平凹凸不平的毛孔,轻松隐匿毛孔和瑕疵,一抹瓷细无瑕。有效阻隔污染及各种环境侵害,帮助打造光滑细腻肌肤,缔造持久水光裸透妆容。

Micaree 選用了三種中草藥植物添加在內
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