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Lady Wig Short Natural Wave Curly Hair 韩国蓬松自然短卷发 - LS3416

Lady Wig Short Natural Wave Curly Hair 韩国蓬松自然短卷发 - LS3416
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Product Code: Lady Wig Short Natural Wave Curly Hair 韩国蓬松自然短卷发 - LS3416
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Lady Wig Short Natural Wave Curly Hair 韩国泡面头蓬松自然波波头短卷发 - LS3416


Material: high temperature silk matte, simulation human hair
Size: Free adjustable elastic applicable to any head shape
Gender: Female

Color: Black, Brown, Light Brown










General precaution steps to use the wig:

1) Wet your hand with cold water
2) Comb your wig with your hand
3) Avoid comb the wig by using normal comb. Only steel comb is allow to use to comb the wig
4) You can style your wig with styling gel or spray. However, it is better to wash the wig if you do not use it after you have apply the styling gel/spray
5) Put your wig on the wig stand. This is to avoid the wig knot, and you may need longer time to manage your wig.
6) Wash your wig with conditional shampoo (mild type).
7) Dry your wig naturally. naturally means you may put your wig indoor, and let it dry naturally.
8) Avoid drying up your wig under strong sunlight/ hot air from hair blower.
 Accessories set : Wig Stand, Net, Comb and optional - Wig Smooth Conditioner  Set  假发架, 钢丝梳, 发网, 可选 - 假发护理液 套装

set 1: RM15.90 (items set - wig Stand, Net, Comb)

set 2: RM25.90 (4 items set - wig Stand, Net, Comb and Conditioner)

Storing your wig by hanging it on the stand instead of folding it. It helps to preserve the style and keep the wig shape. 



Features : 

Easy to assemble

Portable wig stand for easy storage.

Ideal for home or travel purposes 

Perfect to hold your wig perfect for natural air drying after washing



3 items Package included:

1 x  Wig Stand

1 x Comb

1 x Hair Net



Additional optional + RM10

1 x Wig Conditioner 120ml


The latest professional use non-oily and non-sticky formula

 How to use: 

Make wigs more bright and clean, usually 2-3 days, spray once.


set 1: RM15.90  假发配件(支架、发网、钢梳)

1 x 假发支架

1 x  假发钢丝梳

1 x 高弹力发网



set 2: RM25.90 假发配件齐全(支架、发网、钢梳、假发护理液)

1 x 假发支架

1 x  假发钢丝梳

1 x 高弹力发网

1 x 假发护发素



假发专用配件/ 防毛燥干枯受损打结/ 120毫升假发护理液












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