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KiMiSo Dark Chocolate Slimming Drink 黑巧克力瘦身饮品 (10 sachets/Box) Halal

KiMiSo Dark Chocolate Slimming Drink 黑巧克力瘦身饮品 (10 sachets/Box) Halal
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Product Code: KiMiSo Dark Chocolate Slimming Drink 黑巧克力瘦身饮品 (10 sachets/Box)
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KiMiSo Dark Chocolate Slimming Drink 黑巧克力瘦身饮品 (10 sachets/Box) Halal 


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RESULF SEE IN 1BOX ! 一盒见效! Kimiso is so different with others weight loss product, it is just like eating yummy chocolate snack! The main active ingredients in Kimiso is Dark cocoa. Eating dark chocolate will accelerate your slim-down. In low carb plan research found that those who ate chocolate lost more weight steadily over time and stayed happier throughout the process than those who didn’t get the chocolate. Kimiso与其他减肥产品截然不同,它就像是零嘴般可口巧克力一样的上瘾! Kimiso主要活性成分是黑巧克力。 吃黑巧克力能为你加速塑身。 在低碳水化合物计划研究中发现,没吃巧克力的人无法体会长时间吃巧克力能保持心情愉快同时帮助减少多余的体重


Kimiso Dark Chocolate 优点 :

Strengthening body metabolism rate 加强新陈代谢

Intensely burn fat effect强烈燃烧脂肪

Support Appetite Control控制食欲

Reduce the absorption of fat and carbohydrates减少对脂肪和碳水化合物的吸收

Dissolve fatty deposits and eliminate it溶解脂肪沉积物并消除它

Promote weight loss促进瘦身

Increase satiety增加饱腹感 

Burn calories燃烧卡路里

Improve digestion and intestinal health 改善消化和肠道健康

Reduce total cholesterol levels降低总胆固醇水平


Convenience to bring out随身携带

No Diet无需节食

Absolutely 0% Bouncing Rate绝不反弹

No Side Effects无副作用



No Added Sugar无糖

No Laxatives无泻药

No Preservatives无防腐剂

No Artificial Coloring无人工色素


服用方式Direction of Use:

每天早餐/第一餐,将一包Kimiso Dark Chocolate 混合100至 150 ml 的温水,搅拌均匀后饮用。



Direction of Use:


Mix 1 sachet Kimiso Dark Chocolate into 100 – 150ml Warm water, stir well and serve. Consume 30 min before breakfast or first meal of the day. (Taste better with Chilled)

*For optimum health and result, drink at least 3-4 liters of water throughout the day.


*For optimum health and result, drink at least 3-4 liters of water throughout the day.






Not advisable for children, pregnancy, breast-feeding, Heart Issue and High Blood Pressure People. Those with allergics or suspected allergics should consult a health professional before use.





 瘦身疗程期间一定要大量喝水, 因为当脂肪先被分解围脂肪酸, 会大量的存在于血液之中成为游离脂肪酸,每一个分子的脂肪酸需要三个分子的水才能够进行分解为甘油等成分, 进而代谢出体外。 如果喝不够水,那么脂肪酸就无法有效地分解围甘油,然后代谢出体外, 阻碍减肥效率



Drink plenty of water during the slimming treatment, because when fat is first broken down into fatty acids, it will be present in the blood as free fatty acids. Each molecule of fatty acid needs three molecules of water to be broken down into glycerin and other ingredients. It is then metabolized out of the body. If you drink enough water, then fatty acids can not effectively break down the glycerin, and then metabolize the body, hinder the efficiency of weight loss






Store in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from direct sunlight.



USA Formulation / Formulated in USA


Net Weight  10 sachets x 15gram


Cert- GMP , Vegetarian, 100% Natural, Halal, USA Formulated

















































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