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Keexuennl Sleeping Lightning Slimming Legging 珂宣尼夜瘦塑身裤 (Pink/Blue/Black) color random

Keexuennl Sleeping Lightning Slimming Legging  珂宣尼夜瘦塑身裤 (Pink/Blue/Black) color random
Product Code: Keexuennl Sleeping Slimming Legging 珂宣尼夜瘦塑身裤
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Keexuennl Sleeping Lightning Slimming Legging  珂宣尼夜瘦塑身裤 (Pink/Blue/Black) color random send out

Sleeping Lightning Slimming Legging (Slim Express 24 Hr) - Pink/Blue/Black


Product parameters: 

Height: 80 cm

Waistline: 58 cm, with maximum tensile to: 92 cm.

Thigh circumference: 34 cm, with maximum tensile to 66 cm.

Suitable weight: 45 kg to 100kg

Directions for use: Suggest to wear more than five days a week, 8 hours a day continuously; A slimming course of treatment is 4 weeks.

It is proved by the experiment that the active ingredient contains in the sleep pants can be washed for 10 to 15 times, the fabric of the micro-capsule ingredients will gradually disappear in about 4 weeks. It also can be wear continuously as common leggings.

Washing method: 

1. Hand wash and the water temperature cannot exceed 30 degrees. 

2. Dry in the shade. Don't exposed it in the burning sun. 

3. Do not bleach, do not iron, do not tumble dry. 

4. The product contains the active ingredient, mild emulsion or white powder will be found after washing and it is normal phenomenon, it can be use securely after airing dry.

Attention: Pregnant women do not wear. / Do not wear during period.


1. Do not wash it for the first time: the effective material in the product is pure natural, no preservatives, it can be used directly for the first time without washing. 

2. How to wear: In order to wear it more conveniently, it is recommended to roll up the pants,and straighten it after you put your leg in slowly. 


"100% New and High Quality.

100% Authentic*


Today, let's share the secret of efficient leg thinning!


Have you ever felt that the temperature is rising rapidly recently?


Today, let's share with you some tips about lean legs!


First of all, the first contact with fitness partners, the best professional coach counseling, can be more effective targeted thin legs!


Then the most important thing is to use props to make lean legs more efficient! I wear these magic fitness pants recently. Keexuennl classic sleeping pants. Don't doubt, they are microcapsules containing high-tech fat-burning and skin-beauty ingredients in the fabric of these pants, so they can increase the speed of fat burning and make the fat accumulated in waist, hip and leg burn quickly. Long wear will also lubricate your leg skin.


And you see its name is Sleep Pants, so it is also very suitable for sleeping when wearing pajama pants, oh, when sleeping, do not let slim legs off this matter, do not worry about wearing it can not sleep, because it is very comfortable to wear, the pressure is just right, very close, there is no such a very slender feeling.~

I think it's slim enough to make me more confident when I exercise! Sometimes I go to the gym to finish my exercise and wear it and then a suit jacket. I feel that I can wear it as underpants in the future, so that I can walk thinner.

There are three colours in this pants. I recommend black and blue best! Because it's thin.

Summer is coming. Let's get thinner before summer comes.






然后最主要的,就是要利用让瘦腿变得更高效的小道具!我最近健身的时候都会穿这条神奇的健身裤,keexuennl 经典睡眠裤,不要疑惑,它是健身裤这个裤子的布料中含有科技燃脂美肤成分的微胶囊,所以可以提高脂肪燃烧的速度,让腰臀腿部常年累积的脂肪快速地燃烧起来。长时间穿还会让你的腿部皮肤变得润滑。









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