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Keexuennl A4 Slim Waist Shaping Panty 珂宣尼 A4束腰腹裤 (Black)

Keexuennl A4 Slim Waist Shaping Panty 珂宣尼 A4束腰腹裤 (Black)
Product Code: Keexuennl A4 Slim Waist Shaping Panty 珂宣尼 A4束腰腹裤 (Black)
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Keexuennl A4 Slim Waist Shaping Panty 珂宣尼 A4束腰腹裤 (Black)


Keexuennl A4 waist shaping panty helps to make your skin look firmer and moisturized.

Designed with a relaxed fit and is made with high quality fabric for added coziness - perfect for wearing all day long.

It's just like a second skin fabric that with high-tech microencapsule including fat-burning and skin care ingredients.

Keexuennl summer new product- A4 waist shaping pants

Fat burning / hip / wicking / repair / antibacterial

Top hyaluronic acid

Add top-grade hyaluronic acid, 100% natural moisturizing factor, deep moisturizing, improve chicken skin, pregnancy marks and fat lines.

Magnetic therapy yarn

Multi-function magnetic therapy yarn at the waist balances female endocrine and improves immunity.

Moisture wicking

The new upgrade of the fabric, moisture wicking, sweating only takes 0.3 seconds, wearing a cool sense of the moment, sports can also be worn.

Fat burning plastic waist

The multi-functional essence is wrapped in microcapsules and adhered to the fabric fibers.  When the skin is in contact with the fabric, the microcapsules release the active ingredients and penetrate into the deep layers of the skin to achieve a fat burning effect.

Hygienic inhibition

Adding Class A antibacterial black technology, the inhibition rate is as high as 99%, away from itching.

 The ankle is a graphene modal fiber, antibacterial, moisture-proof, comfortable and comfortable.

Stretch fabric, join Lycra (LYCRA) to make the pants not easy to deform,the elastic fabric has good breathability and the moisture wicking is not sultry.

100% Authentic with QR CODE

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⚡️KEEXUENNL 珂宣尼A4腰束腹裤















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