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Kallisto High Fibre Detox Juice YGT 酵素瘦身 排毒果汁 (15 sachets/box)

Kallisto High Fibre Detox Juice YGT 酵素瘦身 排毒果汁 (15 sachets/box)
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Kallisto High Fibre Detox Juice YGT 酵素瘦身 排毒果汁 (15 sachets/box)


1 box RM118

3 boxes RM280


Poor diet and an inactive lifestyle are the most common causes of constipation. A lack of exercise and eating too much can wreak havoc on your digestive health. 


Kallisto Fiber Drinks is a nice taste detox juice designed for relieve constipation in order to detox your body and promote a healthy immune system. Suitable for Breastfeeding Mummy Or When You Are On Your Menstrual Period.


Benefit : 

Prevention of gastrointestinal diseases

Effective for relieve constipation

Improve digestive system

Improve immunity

Enhance absorption of nutrients

Promote probiotics proliferation

Cleansing the body of toxin

Lower blood pressure

Lower bad cholesterol

Lower blood lipids

Suppresses rise in blood glucose, reduce insulin secretion

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease


Instruction : 

Take 1 sachet Before meal

Mix 1 sachet with 250ml of room temperature or cold water, shake well and drink.



1 Pack with 15 sachet x 15gram



既有效 味道也一级棒的 KALLISTO升级版排毒果汁

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温馨小贴士: 冷水冲泡味道更好哦????


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