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Juicy D Nature Handpicked Peach Pudding Jelly Detox Slim 水蜜桃排毒果冻 (8cups/box)

Juicy D Nature Handpicked Peach Pudding Jelly Detox Slim 水蜜桃排毒果冻 (8cups/box)
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Product Code: Juicy D Jelly Detox Slim 水蜜桃排毒果冻 (8cups/box)
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Juicy D Nature Handpicked Peach Pudding Jelly Detox Slim 水蜜桃排毒果冻 (8cups/box)

1 box RM70

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4 boxes RM240

JUICY D DETOX PEACH JELLYwant to detox? want to slim down? want to get fairer skin tone?


JUICY D will be your best choice!!!


Healthy ingredient

- Hand pick peach powder

- konjac powder [promote good gastric mobility]

- chia Seed [the best ingredient to detox]

- milk thistle extract [to prevent liver damage]


the benefit of JUICY D

- Detox your body

- improvement for the skin

- prevent bad breath too

- lower the cholestrol and high blood pressure


Made with peach juice powder, konjac powder, chia seed & milk thistle extract, this delicious pudding gives you a better skin, slimming, detox & protect your liver at the same time!


Take one per day before bedtime, suitable for breastfeeding & even pregnant ladies.


This taste just like a normal dessert‼️


Formulated in France, we bring you the pudding that is able to boost metabolism, expels toxin from body, improves and regulates gastrointestinal function, and promote cells metabolism. Besides, it expels toxin in a healthy way (no more loose stools), improves constipation, physically coordinating, slimming, strengthen immune system & protect your liver cells.


Each box comes with 8 puddings, 4 boxes for 1 month dosage.

30gx 8cups



一起来一颗“时尚排毒” 让你遇见更美的自己







奇亞籽富含 Omega-3





Juicy D. Jelly Pudding【水蜜桃排毒果冻布丁】 


你吃过可以美颜 可以排毒 可以瘦身的水蜜桃果冻排毒吗? 

里面成份竟然还有最健康的CHIA SEED奇亚籽,真的是一个太棒的产品了…

只是简单介绍都吸引人吧 ~ 一种产品竟然可以拥有那么多功效

不买不行呢 价钱也超公道的,味道更美味。 

甜品式美味的Juicy D. Jelly Pudding[水蜜桃排毒果冻布丁],每一份满满份量的果冻口味香浓滑顺,入口尾韵充满浓郁果香~ 能符合现代人对食物卖相及味道的审美标准。为你打造“时尚排毒”的同时,整体上清理你的体内环境和美化你全身的肌肤,其天然的植物精华成分,经过科学加工精心制作而成,口感香甜可口,它能够促进人体新陈代谢,将体内毒素排出体外,改善和调理人体自身肠胃功能,促进人体细胞的新陈代谢,具有健康排毒、改善便秘、调理体质、纤体修身、增强自身免疫力等功效。

遇见Juicy D. Jelly Pudding,遇见更美的自己! 


一盒8粒装,4盒32粒装 是一个月的分量哦

服用人群:12-18岁以上(建议服用半颗),孕妇/哺乳期 建议3-4天一颗,糖尿病患者均可服用











































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