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Elora Ampoule (Gold) + Elora TeAmo Sunblock SPF50+++ by Imono (30ml+30ml/ Set)

Elora Ampoule (Gold) + Elora TeAmo Sunblock SPF50+++ by Imono (30ml+30ml/ Set)
Brand: Imono
Product Code: Elora Ampoule (Gold) + Elora TeAmo Sunblock SPF50+++
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Elora Ampoule (Gold) + Elora TeAmo Sunblock SPF50+++ by Imono (30ml+30ml/ Set)



Elora Ampoule (Gold) Nano Skin Organic Marine-Cell Bio Energy by Imono (30ml)

Professional solution for dry skin problem

The Saviour of Chronic Skin Dryness Condition

Used various moisturizing and masks, but dry aging skin and roughness have never stopped. Eventually it even becomes prone to dryness or skin peeling periodically, or easily become red or allergies. If you have the following conditions, very likely that you suffer from chronic skin drying condition.


Korea's first Marine-Cell Bio Energy Deep Hydration for 72hours 


Long lasting moisturizing by oxidized element

Water is the source of life. It is also a source of bright young skin. If a skin has been affected by outdoor sunlight exposure, lifestyle and climate in a long-term, it will gradually lose its moisture. It will cause the skin to produce wrinkles, dryness, dullness, dark spots and other skin aging problems. If we wish to achieve long-lasting tender and whitened skin, moisturizing plays a very vital role.


Elora Ampoule is originated from South Korea's top Research and Development team. The scientific reseach team has 20 years of professional experience on anti-aging and skin moisturing. After two years of reseach, it extracts the active collagen natural moisturizing elements from the marine red algae and develops a brand new Marine-Cell Bio Energy Technology. It moisturizes the skin by reaching the deep portion of human cells and repairing water persevering chain in the cells. These result in a lasting moisture skin.



Improve the skin tone to make skin bright and flawless. Intense moisture and normalize supplnsess of skin. Give skin an immediate radiant and moisturized appearance with elasticity


Main Ingredients:


Centella asiatica

Helps to soothe the skin, it is a herbal extract that has a kind of skin repairing characteristic. It promotes skin collagen production, resulting in a tender and smooth skin.


Licorice extract

It has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It maintains the skin's natural balance and has a soothing effect on allergy skin.


Embryo rice extract

Embryo rice extract contains highly active elements; it has a high antioxidant effect on skin and helps soothing dry skin allergy problems. It causes the skin to have an immediate and obvious tender, bright and elastic effect. It is also has an effective anti-inflammatory effect.


Marine red algae extract

The characteristic of natural mucus of red algae has a powerful moisturizing and antioxidant effect on the skin. It helps the skin to from a protective layer that results in a long-lasting moisturizing effect.



A drop or two of ampoule would be sufficient for each application, hence a bottle of Elora ampoule (Marine-cell bio energy) would last approximately 4-5 months.


30ml Ultra Hydrating

For All Skin Types


Elora essence (blue) - recovery essence

Elora ampoule (gold) - Ultra Hydrating moisturizer






简单来说 : 小蓝瓶是我们的修复essence ;

小金瓶ampoule就是我们的moisturizer了。非常保湿补水长达72小时!! 好棒的组合



Elora Ampoule 采用了全新的 Marine-Cell Bio Energy 科技,达到细胞深层补水以及修护细胞锁水长达黄金 72 小时











Elora Ampoule 主要成分














Elora TeAmo Sunblock SPF50+++ by Imono 韩国金丝燕窝 防晒遮瑕保护霜 (30ml)

Daily Face Shield SPF 50 

Broad Spectrum Protection UVA & UVB 30ml


The elora TeAmo SPF 50 with Broad Spectrum Protection UVA and UVB, lightweight formula easily absorbed by the skin upon application helps create an invisible shield against damaging UVA and UVB rays, helping to prevent visible signs of aging.


How to apply

Apply apropriate amounts to palm, spread evenly on the face after basic skincare step. 





Te Amo 韩国金丝燕窝防晒遮瑕保护霜

全面防卫UVA & UVB紫外线SPF50+++


- 美国FDA验证

- 可以高达12小时的防晒效果


普通防晒霜 – 只能阻止黑色素形成。胶原蛋白依然被破坏,皮肤变得老化
TeAmo – 有效全方位防紫外线穿透到皮肤上 附加价值 SPF50中的滋补


- 让皮肤吃金丝燕窝
- 让肌肤获得滋补
- 保持肌肤嫩滑,有弹性



防晒中的滋补 - 金丝燕窝
1斤高达RM9800的金丝燕窝,作为Te Amo在做防晒时,同时又能滋补皮肤,和让保持活力,甚至緩解受伤的部分有效镇静敏感,使皮肤变得更加湿滑,健康。

Te Amo 同时可以防晒,也能遮瑕霜和作为底妆。

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