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Cherryfree V Shape Lift Tighten Slimming Mask 瘦脸 提拉紧致面膜 (10sheets/box)

Cherryfree V Shape Lift Tighten Slimming Mask 瘦脸 提拉紧致面膜 (10sheets/box)
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Cherryfree V Shape Lift Tighten Slimming Mask 瘦脸 提拉紧致面膜 (10sheets/box)


This mask is really addictive!! as long as your face bone is not big, others than that can be slim‼️

Double chin

Baby fat

Masseter Muscle

Lift and tighten



Cherryfree Slimming Masks can effectively supply the collagen needed for our face for shaping purposes. Plant-extract improves the metabolism of the face, breaking down water and fat. It is most suitable for faces thats familiar with edema, loose-skin, baby fat or round face. Unless your problem is your bones, slimming if not a problem. While your face is slimming down, the collagen and Chamomile extract will shrink down pores and increases the elasticity of your skin; calms and soothes them at the same time for a smooth and tiny face.


How long does it take to see the effect?

It usually takes 3 to 5 days to see an effect. If ur face is chubby, it will be faster and more obvious to see the effect. The masseter muscle will be slower.


Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

Cherryfree Slimming Masks ingredients is very safe. Sensitive skin can be use too. It helps to calm our skin and moisture it.


10sheets per box 


Stick every day or alternate day, wear six to eight hours each time for the essence to absorb




不用打针不用按摩不用涂抹 敷着睡觉 隔早脱下 保证一定瘦一定V 


100% Authentic‼️‼️


✅针对咬肌肥大    ✅双下巴 

✅婴儿肥                ✅消除脸部浮肿 

✅提拉紧致            ✅防衰老


3-5贴有明显效果 大脸肉脸福音 

❌无副作用不反弹 不瘦骨头!一盒10片















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