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Cellglo Set : Creme21 + Crystal Eyes + Sunblock + Deep Cleansing Bar (4 items)

Cellglo Set : Creme21 + Crystal Eyes + Sunblock + Deep Cleansing Bar (4 items)
Brand: Champion
Product Code: Cellglo Set : Creme21, Crystal Eyes, Sunblock, Cleansing Bar
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CELLGLO SET : Creme21 + Crystal Eyes + Sunblock + Deep Cleansing Bar (4 items)



You will receive:

– 1 unit of Cellglo Creme 21 Formulated in France 21 细亮霜 法国研制 30ml

– 1 unit of Cellglo Crystal Eyes Revolution Formulated in France 水晶眼睛 法国研制 (1box/20sachets)

– 1 unit of Cellglo Moisturising Sunblock SPF50PA++ 效阔 防晒乳 法国研制 30ml

– 1 unit of Cellglo Deep Cleansing Bar 70g 效阔 美白皂 


Cellglo Beauty and health, give you beauty and health


Through the sgs core services including: testing and validation, for a variety of health, safety and regulatory standards of quality and performance, and to ensure that products conform to standards set out by the government with the request.


* Creme21 

Protect our body from illness and infections, prevent body allergies, toxics and free radicals, regulate our body’s hormone, promote immune system.


* Cellglo crystal eyes 

  • helps protect your eyes; concentrated on your center vision; helps blocking UV damage on eye and skin;  improves overall visual function; prevent cardiovascular (HEART) disease.


* moisturising sunblock

Using all natural botanical extract, ingredients such as Olive Oil, Mushroom Beta Glucan, Licorice, Allantoin, Zinc Oxide and Methylene Bis-benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol that give your skin with the goodness of moisturizer cum sun protection SPF 50 PA +++ to shield your skin from the damages of UVA and UVB. Our Moisturising Sunblock will instantly look brighter with glowing radiance without feeling greasy and provides moisutrising.


*Cellglo Deep Cleansing Bar    

Cellglo DC Bar are 100% handmade from natural and safe ingredients that even baby skin can use it! 

1) Oily Skin – Managed          

2) Sensitive skin – Protected    

3) Pimples – Diminished    

4) Whiteheads – Reduced    

5) Skin Pores – Unclogged    

6) Tight Feeling – Avoided    

7) Dry Skin – Moisturized

8) Dull Skin – Brightened

9) Irritation – Prevented

10) Blackheads – Cleared

11) Dead Cells – Removed

12) Skin Tone – Balanced


If you still hesitate to use what products, may wish to try our products cellglo it ~ because cellgo absolutely safe, natural!










Cellglo 美容及保健 ,给予你美丽与健康


通过SGS提供的核心服务包括:检验及验证 ,对各种健康 ,安全和监管标准的质量和性能 ,并以确保产品符合政府所订的标准与要求。


* Cellglo美白皂针对洁脸,黑头粉刺,脸上黑色素都能淡化!适合中性/油性/敏感肌肤使用!


* Cellglo crystal eyes 保护眼睛,改善眼睛微血管,和所有视力问题!心血管,胆固醇,关节都能得到改善!


* Creme 21 主要帮助淋巴排毒,淡化脸上黑色素,使肌肤容光焕发!更能帮助血液循环和平衡荷尔蒙!


* Moisturising sunblock 不止防晒,也能美白和保湿!最重要是不阻塞


如果你还在犹豫使用什么产品的话,不妨来尝试我们cellglo 的产品吧 ~ 因为 Cellgo 绝对安全,天然!

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