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Cellglo Moisturising Sunblock SPF50PA+++ 效阔 防晒乳 法国研制 30ml

Cellglo Moisturising Sunblock SPF50PA+++  效阔 防晒乳 法国研制 30ml
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Cellglo Moisturising Sunblock SPF50PA+++  效阔 防晒乳 法国研制 30ml

Using all natural botanical extract, ingredients such as Olive Oil, Mushroom Beta Glucan, Licorice, Allantoin, Zinc Oxide and Methylene Bis-benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol that give your skin with the goodness of moisturizer cum sun protection SPF 50 PA +++ to shield your skin from the damages of UVA and UVB. Our Moisturising Sunblock will instantly look brighter with glowing radiance without feeling greasy and provides moisutrising.

Cellglo moisturising sunblock cream SPF 50 PA+++

Excellent with the goodness of moisturiser cum sun protection SPF 50 PA+++ to shield your skin from the damages of UVA and UVB and free radicals while moisturised with botanical extracts ingredients. Your skin will instantly look brighter. With glowing radiance without feeling greasy and provides moisturising effect.

Zinc Oxide
Neutralize acid and mild bactericidal properties

Methylene Bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethylbuthlphenol
First sun filter using microfine technology which acts both as a micropigment and organic UV-A absorber

Olive oil
Emulsifying, softening, sebum restorer and soothing purposes.

Mushroom beta Glucan
Aid in wound healing, helps to prevent infection and also brings out radiant effect.

A useful cosmetic ingredient that helps ant-inflamatory, anti-oxidant, and antimicrobial.

Soothing, anti-irritant and skin protectant.

Sodium Hyaluronate
High ability of retaining water.

Effective and safer whitening action.

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate
Anti-allergy and anti-irritant.

Aloe Vera
Hydrates deeply and soothes sensitive and dry skin from environment stress factors.


Suitable for all skin type

Net Weight: 30ml


Formulated in France


The 10 main natural ingredients 十个主要的成分:


What makes Moisturising Sunblock Crème so Special ?

    • • Fragrance-free
    • • Paraben-free
    • • Long-hour moisture
    • • Light Texture
    • • Natural Ingredients
    • • No Artificial Substances


利用多种天然植物的萃取精华,如橄榄油,香菇葡聚糖,甘草,尿囊素,氧化锌,亚甲基双-苯并三唑基四甲基丁基酚,透明质酸钠,芦荟,红没药醇,甘草酸二钾, 含有SPF50PA++ 的保湿防晒霜不但可以避免 UVA 和 UVB 所带来的伤害, 而且还可长时间的保湿你的肌肤。 我们的保湿防晒霜是采用多种天然植物的萃取精华。 它含有丰富的维生素E以加强抗氧化作用来御自由基对肌肤的破坏。 天天使用保湿防晒霜不但能让你赶走暗淡的肤色,还可以为你带来健康亮丽的肌肤。 


        - 无香精

        – 无尼箔金

        – 长时间保湿

        – 轻薄质感

        – 天然成分

        – 无化学成分


Menggunakan bahan-bahan ekstrak botani semula jadi  seperti Minyak Zaitun, Beta-Glucan Cendawan, Licorice, Allantoin, Oksida Zink dan Metilena Tetramethylbutylphenol Bis-benzotriazolyl yang memberikan kulit anda dengan kebaikan pelembap dan perlindungan SPF 50 PA + + + untuk melindungi kulit anda dari UVA dan UVB. Pelembab Sunblok kami serta-merta memberi kulit anda kelihatan lebih cerah serta berseri-berseri tanpa rasa berminyak dan menyediakan lembapan untuk sepanjang hari.

Apa yang membuatkan Crème Sunblock Moisturising kami Special ?

  •         -Fragrans bebas
  •         -Paraben bebas
  •         -Kelembapan panjang masa
  •         -Tekstur cahaya
  •         -Bahan Semulajadi
  •         -Tiada bahan tiruan

Cellglò Moisturising Sunblock 

  • Not Detected in 113 kinds of Drugs and 456 kinds of Poison.
  • Not Detected in any Hormone (animal or plants) and alsoCorticosteroid.



How to apply sunblock on our face and body 如何涂抹防晒霜在我们的脸和身体  Cara aplikasi sunblok pada muka dan badan :



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019-4225511 wechat: William-lee9

012-4219239 wechat: liz_heng


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** Free courier in Malaysia

* Agent/retail are welcome


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