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Bello Smaze Slimming Shaping MDM 塑密瘦身 (30Sachets/Box)

Bello Smaze Slimming Shaping MDM 塑密瘦身 (30Sachets/Box)
Product Code: Bello Smaze Slimming Shaping MDM 塑密瘦身 (30Sachets/Box)
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Bello Smaze Slimming Shaping MDM 塑密瘦身 (30Sachets/Box)
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Weight-loss activities has become the trend to our social now. There are a lots of reason people now might facing obesity problem. Many people change to fast food due to time pressure, coupled with stress and emotional problems, and form various bad eating habits and lifestyle. Their busy life also caused them lack of exercise, and the metabolic rate of the body begins to decrease over time. According to the survey, 4-5 of every 10 people currently have obesity problems, and obesity is the root cause of many chronic diseases, including diabetes and heart disease.
A pack of Bello Smaze which is a natural & potent diet botanical experience, offers you a combination of powerful scientifically researched shaping ingredients. It works as “Triple action fat-buster’ as it not only blocks fat absorption, it also makes you feel fuller, so that you can eat lesser. It also as metabolism booster that helps to boost metabolism and increase the amount of calories burnt.
Bello Smaze adopted newly developed USA technology, Garci-BSXlim in order to enhance delivery of the active ingredients for body absorption .Hence, leads to 3x faster to quickly dissolve stubborn fat. BS cares not only about weight loss and shaping your body to S Shape Savior! Bello Smaze is more than just slimming out, it also lets you:
*More Energetic
*Improved Immune System
*Reduce Risk of Chronic Disease
*Happier and More Confident
Bello Smaze is designed with a busy modern lifestyle in mind to help your body to BLOCK, BURN, BOOST & CURB as easy as 1,2,3 just consume directly and with small and convenient packaging design.
* Promote weight loss
* Suppress appetite
* Increase satiety
* Inhibit carbohydrate and fat absorption
* Increase body metabolism
* Burn calories
* Improve digestion and intestinal health
* Reduce total cholesterol levels
No Added Sugar, No Laxatives, No Preservatives, No Artificial Coloring
Speciality of Bello Smaze:
*Sublingual supplement, easy to consume
*Convenience to bring out
*As easy as consume candy
*No Need to Diet
*Result No Rebound
*No Side Effects
✿ Cocoa Powder
Cocoa powder contains vitamin B2 and potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and other elements, can effectively promote the muscle and body's reflex system, and stimulate blood circulation, to achieve weight loss. Studies have found that eating cocoa can stabilize blood sugar and control weight. Cocoa powder is comprehensive in nutrition, but carbohydrates are rare (less than 10%). Therefore, eating cocoa powder is prone to satiety and has little effect on blood sugar. A small amount of cocoa butter in cocoa powder will not only cause obesity, but also help to lose weight, because linoleic acid can produce gamma-linolenic acid, which is finally converted into type 1 prostaglandin, which can help insulin work and stabilize blood sugar. Control appetite. In addition, cocoa powder (Theobromine and tryptophan, etc.) can increase the concentration of serotonin in the brain, thereby stabilizing emotions and controlling appetite.
✿ Pomegranate Extract
The pomegranate has a powerful detoxification effect. The po
megranate contains minerals and vitamins beneficial to the human body. These components can excrete toxins from the body, and a large amount of fiber also helps defecate improve the body. The nutrients in the pomegranate can help burn fat, improve immune system function, speed up metabolism, improve the digestive system and help the stomach to break down food. Other ingredients in pomegranate also have powerful antioxidant function and anti-aging effect.
✿ Konjac Extract
The main active ingredient of konjac is grape mannan, glucomannan, which is extremely rich in content. This is an ideal soluble dietary fiber with ultra-low calorie; glucomannan is rich in dietary fiber and a variety of trace elements and amino acids, which are beneficial to the human body: clearing the stomach, helping digestion, lowering cholesterol, preventing High blood pressure, anti-diabetes, can prevent obesity. Konjac has a very strong water swelling capacity, which is easy to absorb and swell in the stomach, and its volume increases rapidly, which can be increased to 30 to 100 times the original volume, thereby greatly increasing the feeling of satiety and helping to alleviate the weight loss process. Anti-Hunger is very effective and a good way to duce calorie intake also. It also bind with dietary fat and form large fat-fiber complexes which are difficult to be absorbed by small intestines and then excrete out.
✿ Banana Extract
Bananas are rich in vitamins B1, B2: promote the metabolism of sugars and fats and prevent edema. Potassium promotes sodium, which causes blood pressure to rise, to be excreted through the urine, helping to eliminate edema. Dietary fiber helps eliminate constipation. Serotonin eliminates hunger. The enzyme can be smoothly absorbed by the stomach and increase the gastrointestinal rest time.
✿ Garcinia Combogia Extract
Garcinia Cambogia extract, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), is claimed to be used to suppress appetite and enhance fat burning. Garcinia Cambogia extract can be used alone or in other ingredients and sold as a food supplement. Its functions include suppressing appetite, inhibiting the synthesis of lipids and burning fat through heat production. The study found that HCA reduced the activity of important enzymes in fat metabolism. When carbohydrates are converted to fat, an enzyme called citrate lyase is needed. HCA can temporarily reduce the action of this enzyme, block the production of fatty acids, and reduce the storage of fat in cells. HCA can also help with calorie consumption and fat burning. Garcinia Cambogia not only helps burn fat, but also suppresses appetite. It speeds up the message to the brain, notifying the brain that the stomach is full and thus reducing the meal.
Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) diverts carbohydrate into energy production rather than accumulating as body fat.
Direction of Use:
Pour the content of a sachet into mouth directly. Consume before breakfast or first meal of the day. Advisable to drink 200-300 ml of water after consumption. Sublingual supplement (Place under tongue) or consume with beverage.
*For optimum health and result, drink at least 3-4 liters of water throughout the day.
✬Golden Suggested Usage:
Before First Meal: BELLO SMAZE (Formulated in USA)
Before Second Meal: LegStep (Formulated in Germany)
Before Sleep: Detox
Not advisable for children, pregnancy, breast-feeding, Heart Issue and High Blood Pressure People. Those with allergic or suspected allergic should consult a health professional before use.
Suggestion Group:
People range from 18-65 years old with Good Health Condition.
Store in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from direct sunlight.
USA Formulated
Bello Smaze 塑密瘦身
Bello Smaze 塑密瘦身
崭新BELLO SMAZE✦Sの塑密,取代老款的服用冲泡的惊喜奇迹!
减肥,在当今社会以成为一项全民运动并不是没有原因的,许多人因为时间压力而改吃速食,再加上压力和情绪问题,形成了各种不良饮食习惯和作息。忙碌的生活也是人们缺乏锻炼和运动,久而久之身体的代谢率也开始降低。根据调查显示,目前每10人当中就有4-5位有肥胖问题, 而肥胖又是造成许多慢性病的根本原因,包过糖尿病和心脏病。
Bello Smaze是一种天然有效和科学研究特选塑身成分的植物瘦身萃取组合。它绝对是肥胖的克星!为你设下三倍关卡,拥有将肥胖驱赶不留它”的作用.它不仅可以抑制碳水化合物和阻止脂肪吸收,还可以让你感觉更饱满,这样你就可以吃得更少。同时它也能作为新陈代谢助推器,有助于促进新陈代谢和增加燃烧的卡路里量。
Bello Smaze独家采用美国高科技天然Garci-Xp®,它能帮助把活性成份直接让肠胃吸收,从而达到高达至少三倍以上更迅速的针对顽固脂肪快速溶解,BS关心的不只是体重下降和塑造你S曲线救星!Bello Smaze 不仅仅是瘦身塑出身段,它还让你:
Bello Smaze的设计特为了繁忙的现代生活方式而定制,采用小巧方便包装,让你轻轻松松简单口服方式来阻断油脂吸收,燃烧脂肪,促进新陈代谢和控制食欲.
无糖, 无泻药, 无防腐剂, 无人工色素
✿ 可可粉
石榴有着强大的排毒修护功效,石榴中含有对人体有益的矿物质和多种维他命,这些成分可以排出体内的毒素,大量的纤维质也帮助排便改善体质。石榴里的营养素可以帮助脂肪燃烧, 提高免疫系统功能,加速新陈代谢,改善消化系统帮助肠胃将食物分解.石榴中的其他成分还有强大的抗氧化功能,还有抗衰老的功效.
魔芋的主要有效成份是葡萄甘露聚糖,即葡甘聚糖,其含量极其丰富。这是一种非常理想的可溶性膳食纤维,含有超低热量;葡甘聚糖中含有丰富的膳食纤维以及多种微量元素和氨基酸,对人体好处非常多:清肠胃,助消化,降胆固醇,防高血压,防糖尿病,更能预防肥胖。魔芋有非常强大的吸水膨胀力,在肠胃里易吸水膨胀,体积迅速增大,可增大至原体积的30至100倍之多,从而大大增加了饱腹感,对帮助减轻减肥过程中的饥饿感非常有效,是减少热量摄入的好方法. 与膳食脂肪结合,形成大的脂肪纤维复合物,难以被小肠吸收,然后排出。
✿ 香蕉提取物
✿ 藤黄果
藤黄果萃取,羟基柠檬酸(HCA),声称可用来抑制食欲,增强脂肪燃烧。藤黄果 萃取,可单独使用或参与其他成分,被销售作为助食品。其功能包括抑制食欲,抑制脂类的合成 和通过产热来燃烧脂肪。研究结果发现HCA 减少了在脂肪代谢的重要酶的活性。在碳水化合物转化成脂肪时,需要一个叫 做柠檬酸裂合酶的酵素。 HCA 能暂时减少这种酶的作用,阻断脂肪酸的产生,减少细胞储存脂 肪。HCA 也可以帮助热量消耗和燃烧脂肪。藤黄果不但帮助燃烧脂肪,而且也可抑制食欲。它加快传达到大脑的讯息,通知大脑肚子已经饱 了,从而减少进餐。羟基柠檬酸(HCA)将碳水化合物转化为能量产生而不是作为体脂积累
第二餐前—— GERMANY LegStep瘦腿
每晚睡前—— 排毒产品
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