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Bardox Nutri Detox Diet Bar 排毒代餐能量棒 (13G X 12 SACHETS)

Bardox Nutri Detox Diet Bar 排毒代餐能量棒 (13G X 12 SACHETS)
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Product Code: Bardox Nutri Detox Diet Bar 排毒代餐能量棒 (13G X 12 SACHETS)
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Bardox Nutri Detox Diet Bar 排毒代餐能量棒 (13G X 12 SACHETS)


1 box RM145

3 boxes RM390

10 boxes free 1 box RM1100


Tasty without getting Fat!

Detox without feeling sick!

2 in 1 as a Meal Replacement and also Body Detox!!


Made from 100% natural ingredients WITHOUT ANY preservatives / colouring / chemical that is harmful to our bodies.  



▶ Anti-oxidation 抗氧化

▶ Improve sleep 改善睡眠

▶ Fat absorption 脂肪吸收

▶ Weight control 控制体重

▶ Prevent cancer 预防癌症

▶ Protect the stomach 保护胃

▶ Increase satiety 增加饱腹感

▶ Anti-skin allergies 抗皮肤过敏

▶ Reduce cholesterol 减少胆固醇

▶ Smooth bowel movement 排便顺畅

▶ Supplemental Body Energy 补充体能

▶ Rich Nutritional Value 丰富的营养价值

▶ Accelerating metabolism 加速新陈代谢

▶ Reduce fat accumulation 减少脂肪堆积

▶ Improve digestive system 改善消化系统

▶ Promote blood circulation 促进血液循环

▶ Reduces glucose absorption 减少葡萄糖吸收

▶ Blocking starch decomposition 阻止淀粉分解

▶ Boost body immune system 增强身体免疫系统

▶ Prevent Aging Strengthen Brain 防止衰老强化大脑

▶ Reduce blood fat and blood sugar 减少血脂和血糖

▶ Helps stomach patients improve 帮助胃病患者改善

▶ Remove harmful toxins from the body 清除体内有害毒素

▶ Effectively solve constipation problems 有效解决便秘问题

▶ Helps gastrointestinal motility work properly 有助于肠胃蠕动

▶ Suppresses the formation of harmful bacteria in the intestine 抑制肠道内有害细菌的形成

▶ Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases 预防心血管疾病和脑血管疾病




★ Belly fat 肚腩

★ Insomnia 失眠

★ Bad breath 口臭

★ Crude skin 皮肤粗糙

★ A lot of pimples 暗疮

★ Gloomy skin 皮肤黯淡

★ Dieting person 节食者

★ Lazy to exercise 懒惰

★ Gets hungry easily 易饿者

★ No time for meal 没时间用餐

★ Always feeling tired 时常觉得累

★ High blood pressure 高血压人群

★ Constipation problem 便秘问题

★ Huge appetite person 胃口大者

★ No time for work out 没时间锻炼身体




Aloe vera 芦荟

☆ Prevent constipation 防止便秘问题

☆ Increase digestive acid 增加消化液分泌


Almond flakes 杏仁片

☆ Reduce cholesterol 降低胆固醇

☆ Rich in nutrition 丰富的营养价值


Walnut jujube 核桃枣泥

☆ Anti-aging 防止衰老

☆ Strengthen brain 健脑益智

☆ Improve sleep quality 改善睡眠

☆ Prevent Constipation 防止便秘问题


Puffed rice 爆米花

☆ Burn fats 消脂

☆ Boost energy 补充人体能量


White kidney bean 白芸豆

☆ Reduce Hunger 消除饥饿感

☆ Starch blocker 阻短淀粉分解

☆ Reduce glucose absorption 减少葡萄糖吸收


Isomaltooligosaccharide 低聚异麦芽糖

☆ Reduce the volume of bacteria 降低病菌量

☆ Inhibit the formation of harmful bacteria 抑制肠道有害菌形成


Oat fiber 燕麦纤维

☆ Control weight 控制体重

☆ Anti-skin allergy 抗皮肤过敏 

☆ Prevent cardiovascular 预防心脑血管疾病

☆ Enhance Body Immune System 增强机体免疫力


Wheat fiber 小麦纤维 

☆ Lose weight 减肥

☆ Defecation 排便顺畅

☆ Prevent cancer 预防癌症

☆ Lower blood lipids and blood sugar 降低血脂与血糖  


Olive oil 橄榄油

☆ Radiation protection 防辐射

☆ Improve digestive system 改善消化系统

☆ Promote blood circulation 促进血液循环



DIRECTIONS: Eat it and drink plenty of water at the same time.


CONTENT : 13g x 12 sachet


ORIGIN : Formulated in New Zealand



想要瘦身的人 这款产品肯定是你的首选  BARDOX


100%全天然成分,让你不靠任何药物,以最健康的方式瘦下来 .


3 盒一个疗程 安全第一 营养丰富 即开即食 


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