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Cartoon Bamboo Charcoal odor carbon package (price for 2 units)

Cartoon Bamboo Charcoal odor carbon package (price for 2 units)
Product Code: WL-Car Seat Neck Support/Pillow
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竹 炭是以五年生以上高山毛竹为原料,经近千度高温烧制而成的一种炭。竹炭质量坚硬,其分子细密多孔,有超强的吸附能力,竹炭含有丰富的矿物质,并产生负离子 及释放远红外线,能净化空气、去除异味、吸湿防霉、调节湿度、抑菌驱虫和阻隔电磁波辐射等功效。与人体接触能去湿吸汗,促进人体血液循环和新陈代谢,缓解 疲劳。竹炭经科学提炼加工后,已广泛应用于日常生活当中。


[Product Features] using the charcoal far infrared greenhouse effect and the resulting negative ions and strong adsorption effect, can effective adsorption odor, adjust the humidity, can be placed in the car for decoration supplies to be able to purify the air inside the vehicle the role! Also has the function of radiation Oh, you can put in front of the computer screen electromagnetic radiation.

Advantages】 【soft, colorful and adorable

【Introduction】 charcoal
Bamboo charcoal is born more than five years mountain bamboo as raw material, nearly a thousand degree heat baked charcoal. Charcoal quality hard, its molecular fine porous, there is strong adsorption capacity, bamboo is rich in minerals and produce negative ions and far infrared release, can purify the air, odor removal, moisture mold, regulate humidity, antibacterial and deworming block electromagnetic radiation and other effects. Dehumidification contact with the body could absorb sweat, promote blood circulation and metabolism, relieve fatigue. After the charcoal by scientific refining processing, has been widely used in daily life.

【Function】 nine charcoal
1, the adsorption
2, the release of far infrared
3, the release of negative ions
4, the release of trace elements
5, the control of microbial
6, regulating the growth of crops
7 insect sterilization
8, antioxidant
9, electrostatic shielding and anti-electromagnetic radiation

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* Delivery time around 4-8 working days.

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