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7 Days Slim Loss Weight 强效七天瘦胶囊 (30 capsules/bottle)

7 Days Slim Loss Weight 强效七天瘦胶囊 (30 capsules/bottle)
Product Code: 7 Days Slim Loss Weight 强效七天瘦胶囊 (30 capsules/bottle)
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7 Days Slim Loss Weight 强效七天瘦胶囊 (30 capsules/bottle)


Whole Body 全身瘦 - RM160

Arm/Leg 瘦腿/手臂 - RM160

Tummy 肚丸 - RM160

Detox 排便排毒 - RM129

Breast Beauty 丰胸/美肤 - RM160


Whole Body + Tummy - RM310

Whole Body + Arm/Leg - RM310

SET 3: Body + Tummy + Detox - RM399

SET 3: Body + Arm/Leg + Detox - RM399


7 Days Slim have 5 type products as below:


1. Main Product. Effective Whole-Body Weight Loss Pills (30 capsules) Brown

Burning fat from all over the body, get rid of water retention. Slim down all over,

including arms, legs, abdomen, witness the effective 7 days.


2. Belly Flat tening Pills (30 capsules) White

Burning abdominal fat, reduce excess fat at the side of waist line! Targeting fat in

belly! Beer belly, belly after birth----can all be solved!


3. Leg /Arm Slimming Pills(30 capsules) White

To target on burning excess fat in arms and legs. Get rid of your cellulite on your



4. Colon Cleanse Detox Pills, an essential partner for slimming (50 capsules) Yellow

Cleansing toxins and waste from the intestinal tract, solving constipation, bad breath.

Emitting gas and dissolve excess oil in your intestine, reducing a certain amount of weight

and cholesterol.


5. Breast Enhancement Pills/Skin Lightening Pills (30 Capsules)

Berry mix Vitamin and Collagen not only enhance your breast, it also lighten your skin

and makes it smoother. Specifically for girls who like to experience breast




2 bottles of weight loss supplements are regarded as a treatment.

You may match it by yourself.

(Whole Body + Belly Flattening) or

(Whole Body + Legs Slimming)

60 capsules are dose for a month,You will see the effect in 7days.


For quicker effect, we recommend taking a treatment with Detox Pills!

You may also buy a bottle of Whole-Body Weight Loss Pills for try-out.


7 Days Slim Concentrate Formula is suitable for person that hard to lose weight, become

resistance to the diet pills, effectively reduce fat from arms, thighs, belly, hips, calves.


It is easier for people in modern society to accumulate fat.7 Days Slim is 10 times more efficient,

capturing carbohydrates, sugar and excess fat in body. Quick and effective without side effect

and rebound,get a slim and attractive body within 7 days.


Powerful medication, especially created for peoples who has problems in cutting weight.

Fast and Real.


This product is 10 times more efficient in burning fat,capturing carbohydrates, water and sugar.

Suitable for people who has lower drug absorption rate.100% effective, safe and no side effect.


Building “S-shape” curvy body!


Please beware of counterfeit and inferior goods!Recognize 7 Days Slim!






①主打产品 强效全身瘦(一罐30粒)褐色

燃烧身体全身的脂肪,消除水肿 全身都会瘦下,包括手臂和腿部,周边赘肉,七天左右就会看到体重的改变❤️





③针对性瘦腿/手臂 (一罐30粒)白色



④排便排毒丸 瘦身必备搭档(一罐50粒)黄色




以Berry mix Vitamin和胶原蛋白为主不仅有丰胸的功效,它还能够美肤,让我们的皮肤变得更加细腻有光泽 专门针对丰胸的姑娘


瘦身两罐为一个疗程 可以自行选择配套!

(全身➕平肚) or (全身➕瘦腿)






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